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Cleanliness is our goal Hero

At Bronson Dental, we take pride in our work and always strive to provide you with completely safe dental services that's sure to benefit you. Proper infection control methods and sterilization techniques are employed to make sure that your dental safety is never compromised.

We've made major investments to offer you safe dental services. Spore tests are run on a weekly basis and analyzed by  University of Iowa to ensure that the instruments are properly sterilized.


We utilize sterilization methods wherein each instrument is rinsed with an enzymatic rinse in a Hydrim, packed into sterilization pouches, and sterilized in a Statim Autoclave.


The handpieces are purged and lubed after each use and before sterilization by an Assistina. Our dental clinic meets all the standards set by the Center for Disease Control.

Proper sterilization of instruments

To ensure completely safe water for usage during the dental sessions, distilled water is supplied to the dental units. No city water is plumbed to the dental chairs.


The water lines are cleaned weekly with disinfected tablets. The suction lines are cleaned daily.


We take extra care of your dental hygiene by adopting strict infection control measures. Each treatment room is properly disinfected after each use. Chair covers are replaced after every session.

Maintenance of water lines

Our state-of-the-art office offers a variety of restorative dental services and treatment. You'll get personalized services from Dr. Bronson; your emotional and physical well-being is our priority. Call us at 801-728-3924 to learn more about our dental services.

Dental restoration and care

For reliable dental treatment and dental restoration needs, visit our office at 1448 N 2000 W #6

Clinton, UT 84015.

Completely safe dental treatment

Cleanliness is our goal support water-lines