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At Bronson Dental, we believe in providing you with unmatched dental services and care. Our priority is to offer you with quality services that you won't get elsewhere. With a state-of-the-art dental office equipped with advanced tools and equipment, we're adept at handling all kinds of dental emergencies.

  • Dental fillings

  • Pediatric dental services

  • Periodontal treatment

  • Root canal therapy

  • Restoring dental implants

  • Dentures

  • Extractions

Dental services we offer:

Intraoral cameras: An intraoral camera is installed in every operatory room at Bronson Dental. This allows images of the mouth to be displayed on the computer monitor for patient education.


Computers in every treatment room: There are computers in each treatment room with a monitor for the doctor and assistant to view the procedure. One monitor is attached to the overhead light for the patient to see.


Our dental professionals use the advanced dental software, EagleSoft, which allows seamless integration with the digital x-rays and intraoral cameras.


TV’s mounted on the ceilings: Each treatment room has a TV mounted on the ceiling. We also have a wide variety of DVDs for you to watch during your treatment or you can bring your favorite from your home.


Digital x-rays: Digital x-ray is a great technology that reduces the amount of x-ray exposure to a fourth as compared to traditional x-ray. Clearer images allow for improved diagnosis. It also reduces the need for disposal of hazardous by-products of film developing.

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